David Day’s ‘Tidal’ is a 1.5M cast iron plaque that was installed in the Forder Estuary, Cornwall, where over time it grew a layer of rust from the landscape it was placed in.


David Day worked with London Bronze Casting by delivering the copy and typography of the work. This was used to produce a traditional foundry pattern that could be used in the Sand casting process.


Sand was rammed around the pattern & then removed, creating a mould. A sprue system was designed and carved into the mould to allow the metal to run into the cavity the pattern produced.


Grey Iron, a material widely used in Victorian engineering, was chosen for the final artwork.  Induction furnaces were used to melt the 200Kgs of metal to 1500C. After the pour, the artwork cooled down over a couple of days and the plaque was then removed from the sand.

‘Tidal’ will be collected from the Forder Estuary and will be exhibited for the first time in the London Bronze Casting ‘The Collection’ at Squire & Partner from the 1st May 2019.

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