To celebrate the rich foundry history in Deptford, South East London, Anthology commissioned London Bronze Casting to design and cast a sculpture representing the foundry workers who applied their craft in the area.


London Bronze Casting worked with Studio Reckoner to 3D scan Bill Waldren,  a retired foundryman who worked as a metal chaser in London.

Sally and Vince, who work at London Bronze Casting, were also 3D scanned and the three digital figures were merged to form an abstract shape, that was used as an armature creating a point by point polygon sculpture.

The figure carries two cast impellers (a rotor used to increase the pressure and flow of a fluid), an instant signifier of the historical products that were made on the site.


The 3D model was digitally split into the casting sections and 3D printed in PMMA, an acrylic medium that can be used as a substitute for Wax in the Lost Wax Casting process.

The PMMA print sections were invested in ceramic shell and cast in bronze.

After the assembly, welding & metalwork, a green patina was applied to transform the brown tone of the raw cast into a vivid Verdigris, a colour that all hard working foundry people turn by the end of a working day.


London Bronze Casting installed the work on the 24th April 2019 - a date to be remembered as the first PMMA cast public sculpture in the UK.



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