Angell’s ‘Planchette’ combines a clinker-built rowing boat with a functional cast aluminium anchor. A direct cast of the artist’s hand, it uses a trio of hammers to form the iconic anchor shape.  Clinker-built refers to the method of boat building where the edges of hull planks overlap; ‘Planchette’, French for ‘little plank’, refers to a boat-shaped tool used with Ouija boards and in automatic writing.     


Angell presented London Bronze Casting with an initial sketch of the form of the desired artwork. We worked with Angell to mould his hand using Alginate - a hypoallergenic casting material, extracted from seaweed and widely used in casting from the body & dentistry. As it does not stick to the skin or heat up, it enables very detailed casts to be taken. From this mould, a hollow wax copy of the hand was made.


Three wax hammers were made from a Silicone rubber mould - a fast curing, strong, flexible elastomer. And some components we sculpted with wax by hand to complete the wax pattern. After casting the alumium artwork was sprayed white.


‘Planchette’ was commissioned by Studio Leigh for Angell's 2015 exhibition of the same name.  Studio Leigh is a Shoreditch-based exhibiting and commissioning platform sited in a former Varnish factory. 


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