In 'Metamorphosis - a study in liberation', Reza Aramesh creates a bronze sculpture of a hybrid creature with a human body and an animal head. The contorted figure is borrowed from contemporary war reportage, the human face has been replaced with a mythical animal borrowed from Egyptian, Mayan and Persian art.


London Bronze Casting worked with Reza Aramesh to cast the 1.6M Bronze sculpture for Freize Sculpture Park, 2017.

The artist spent time at our workshop to sculpt the clay so that Moulding could start as soon as the artwork had been formed.


The silicone rubber mould, with resin jacket, was the start of the traditional Lost Wax Casting process. A wax was made from the mould and over 2 weeks it was coated in the finest Ceramic Shell.


The wax was melted out of the ceramic shell mould & the bronze poured into the cavity it left behind. After the metalworking was complete, an Ammonium Sulphide solution was applied to the Silicon Bronze, a chemical treatment that creates a stable, deep, black patina.


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