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London Bronze Casting Foundry

Welcome to London Bronze Casting Ltd.  We are a team of skilled Foundrymen that are here to assist you in making your Bronze & Aluminium Castings.  At the Foundry we work with both Artists and Designers, from Mould Making through to Patination, using the 'Lost Wax' Casting process.

Bronze casting foundry bronze casting foundry bronze casting foundry

We are based in Deptford, South East London but also have a workshop in Farnham, Surrey.  


Whether you are new to Bronze casting or very familiar with the process, we are always committed to making sure your artwork ends up being exactly what you want.  Even if this requires experimentation within the process or trying out a new patina, we are more than happy to help you get things exactly right.


We have an extensive network of clients, collectors and buyers that we actively promote our client artists to.  We also offer the sourcing of artists and designers for bespoke commissions, origination and the development of briefs.